Frequently Asked Questions

How do we decide which group we want and how do we choose the music?
At Azalea we are not only performers/musicians but also music consultants working with each of our clients to carefully select the ensemble and music selections that ensures the success of each event.

Will the musicians travel from one venue to another?

Do you require a deposit?
Yes. The deposit to book musicians is 50%.

Will the musicians perform special musical requests?

Absolutely. Our in-house arranger is happy to arrange special requests and we take great pride in the library that we have built over the years.

Will the musicians be the same as on our sample CD?
Yes. Azalea has a small core group of musicians who have been performing together for many years. We also have other members who fill in when a regular member is unavailable for an engagement. This guarantees that all events go smoothly as all of our musicians have performed at hundreds of events and have many years of professional experience.

Is there a charge for travel?
There is a nominal fee for events more than 25 miles from Boston.

What do the musicians wear?
Black concert dress for women and either a tuxedo or a dark suit for men.

Will the musicians perform with my friend/cousin/church organist/soloist?
Absolutely. As experienced, professional musicians, we are accustomed to working in a variety of situations. We are flexible and able to accommodate particular requirements of each event to make it memorable
and unique.

Will the musicians perform outside?
Absolutely, provided that the instruments are out of the direct sunlight, that the temperature is at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit and there is no precipitation, we are happy to perform out of doors.

Do the musicians need amplification?
No, generally the instruments are acoustic and don’t require amplification. Certain instruments such as the guitar and harp will provide light amplification if there is a need.

Is the music suitable for dancing?
As the instruments are primarily acoustic, our music is not really meant to replace a dance band or DJ. Our groups can supply elegant waltzes (such as Johann Strauss waltzes), slow dances (such as Gershwin love songs) or other dances (such as an Argentinean tango for example) for a short time, but a dance band or DJ may be more appropriate if an extended dance time is desired.

Do the musicians go to the rehearsal dinner?
Generally this is not necessary as we coordinate in advance with officiants, coordinators, members of the wedding party, and others, but if the musicians are requested at the rehearsal dinner then this may be arranged for a fee.

Other questions? Please contact info@azaleachambermusic.com